Music Director -
Christoper Dragon

Conducting is not something that you can teach
— Christopher Dragon 2016 - Colorado Symphony Spotlight | The Dragon

The MetSO recognised and nurtured Chris’s conducting talent from right back in 2012. The MetSO gave Chris the opportunity to conduct the lion’s (dragon’s) share of our 2012, 2013 & 2014 seasons. Since 2012 Chris has been, and still is our MetSO Musical Director.

During 2013 Chris was picked up by the WASO as Asher Fisch’s Assistant Conductor. He held this position for the next 3 years, before becoming the Associate Conductor of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

Chris continues to go from strength to strength – recently being promoted to Resident Conductor at the Colorado Symphony, and winning the position of Music Director of the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra.

Chris flies back home regularly to conduct the WASO and the MetSO. We are very proud of our long and productive musical relationship with Christopher Dragon, and are glad to have helped him to hone his craft.